We Speak Mom’s Love Language

Source: Pexels

Here at St. Michel in Prairieville, we are in the business of beauty and relaxation for many reasons, one of the biggest being that we get to speak to our guests through every love language. And Mother’s Day is one of our favorite excuses to do just that—treating moms to a salon or spa service to help them relax, rejuvenate and feel beautiful is a gift. This Mother’s Day, no matter what love language your mom speaks, a gift card for a service with us at St. Michel Day Spa speaks it too.

Love languages are the different ways people express and experience love—affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time and physical touch. They were originally written about as a way to better understand romantic relationships, but they are actually a lot more adaptable and expansive than that. Our team of service providers at St. Michel actually show their guests all five of them with every service they provide.

Mom has probably given you a lot of affirmations in your life and we’re here to help return the favor. Our service providers build people up with words—so whether it’s telling mom “You look amazing,” “This makeup look brings out your natural beauty,” or “YAS, queen!” she’ll leave feeling affirmed and fabulous.

Mom gave you the gift of life, which we admit might be a little hard to top. But our massage therapists are artists who have spent countless hours, blood, sweat and tears investing in and perfecting their art. From the time they start school, to their journey to getting their license, to apprenticeships and mentorships and continuing education classes and workshops and conferences, all of this contributes to their artistry that they can share with mom to help her look and feel her best.

There might be no one on earth who deserves a relaxing spa service more than a mom—after all, she cares for everyone else, and we think she deserves the chance to be cared for. That’s where we come in—our stylists’ combination of skills, talent, attention, and ability to connect is the true act of service—which is much bigger than just a spa service, if you ask us.

In a culture that often has us rushing around, spending one-on-one time with someone might feel like a real gift for mom. When she’s with us, we relish the quality time we get to spend getting to know her and connecting with her.

Source: Pexels

Everyone needs human contact, and mom is no exception. Whether it’s the hug or handshake when our service providers greet her, the massage with nourishing lotions to help her relax into her service, the way they help smooth away her worry (and worry lines) during her facial, or, our personal favorite, the hot stones used in each session to help further release muscle tension (cue the instant Zen just thinking about it)—our massage therapists are literally touching lives.


Whether your mom speaks one love language or another, our team will find a way to personalize her experience and make sure she gets the most out of her well deserved “me-time.” As one massage therapist says, “Moms do so much for everyone, and getting to offer them some special quality time to be nurtured, affirmed and made to feel beautiful is one of my favorite parts of the job.” Treat mom to a spa experience that will leave her feeling loved.