Your Mom is the (Bath) Bomb.

Your Mom is the (Bath) Bomb.


Your Mom is the (Bath) Bomb.

Mother's Day

If there’s one word that relates to moms, it’s busy. They’re always running around taking care of the rest of us. She could be a cheer mom, a baseball mom, a dance mom, a travel-team mom, or the neighborhood mom who takes care of everyone on the block. She’s running here and there, straight from work to the soccer field several nights per week, somehow finding time here and there to get snacks and make a meal happen for everyone. She’s amazing. 


With Mother’s Day coming up, your friends at the best spa in Prairieville wanted to remind you of everything that all the various moms in your lives do, and that sometimes they just need a break from it all. Fortunately, St. Michel Day Spa has come to be the island in the storm for many a weary mom, and we love making moms feel special. Now through May 19, receive a free bath ball with your purchase of a $100 gift card for mom.


When you get mom a spa gift card, you’re getting her a moment of peace. Whether she relaxes into a deep steam facial or dozes off during a Swedish massage, she’s going to love the fact that you’re not just giving her things this year; you’re giving her some me-time.  Add in the free bath ball and it’s like bringing a little piece of her spa day home with her.


So let mom relax in the caring hands of spa professionals and give her a moment this Mother’s Day. 

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